This show is a bit of a strange idea, hear from people who find it works for them and give it a try.

” I personally struggle with falling and staying asleep. Prior to finding Sleepy Time Tales, I hadn’t considered listening to a podcast to try and help. Lo and behold, this is now going to be my current sleep aid. I can’t recommend this show enough.”
– Dereleaked88 from Apple Podcasts

“so awesome! I commented on this page in the first couple weeks but I want to say right now this podcast is legit! it took me 2-3 hours every night to fall asleep I didn’t take naps because again it took me to long to fall asleep. I listen to sleepy time tales and it takes me 15min to maybe an hour if my mind is really going but that’s only been a couple times since I started. this has really made my life better. thank you Dave. “
– Jess from Facebook

” I’ve been investigating several sleep podcasts & this one was honestly great! Everyone’s different but def worth investigating! PS: might want to change it up from ‘Sleep With Me’ podcast though..come on folks.. “
– Louise from Apple Podcasts

” The narrator has a very easy calming tone. With the light guitar strumming at the intro, I often find myself falling asleep before the bedtime story even starts”
– Jerrod from Facebook

” The man’s voice is so soothing!”
– Shelley from Facebook