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110 – Ulysses by James Joyce

The great surrealist classic, considered by many to be unreadable. Maybe it’s the recipe for sleep?

I didn’t know much about this going in. Truth be told I still don’t really. But it is fascinating and strange and I think it’s the recipe for a night of slumber.

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109 – Woman’s Work In Music, Part 02

We pick up in the medieval period and learn about how women mostly helped the men in their lives with their music. :/

Historical records don’t seem to reflect women’s work in the creation of music in the historical periods. There are some records surviving, but it seems that as far as history is concerned the main thing women did was support their creative husbands.

Story (07:46)

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107 – Love Works Wonders

Will our wilful heroine fit in with ‘high’ society?

Our protagonist Pauline is not fitting in with the expectations on her. But will introducing her to a potential suitor tame her? Probably not, and you won’t be sure If you’re asleep by then.

Story (08:11)

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