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So you’re struggling to sleep and you’re interested in Sleepy Time Tales to help you get a restful night? Combat insomnia and get a solid slumber by giving it a listen on one of many free services.

Sleepy Time Tales is available to listen to for free on all podcatchers and podcast services, as well as Spotify.

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099 New Atlantis by Francis Bacon

A try treatise of the perfect society from the perspective of the early 17th century is a perfect method to help you sleep.

A fictionalised account of what the author considered a perfect society, Christian and noble, and better than his own corrupted society. Also not a particularly exciting story.

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097 The Time Machine

The time travelling classic sci fi is both interesting and a bit dry, so basically perfect for your bedtime needs.

It starts at a dinner party with a man who has an impossible idea that he then demonstrates and ends thousands of years in the future. Yet somehow isn’t as exciting as it sounds.

Story (15:13)

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