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Podcast Editing and Production

If the work of coming up with great content is enough for you, I offer podcast editing services. The work is done quickly and prices are reasonable. I am a practised sound engineer as well as someone with a voice that’s perfect to help people to sleep. 🙂

While the first rule of audio is to get the recording right, the fact is that sometimes conditions are not ideal. For this reason noise removal and clip removal are a standard part of the package I offer.

I also offer audio clean-up, removing ‘ummms’ and other unwanted verbal tics as required and deal with crosstalk and I can insert music beds (music provided by the customer) as needed as well as insert ads.

I get the different tracks to an equal level. Then master for clarity and to get to the standard loudness ready for upload.

Basically I offer all that goes under the banner of podcast editing.

Advice and consulting

If you’re still in the early stages of starting your podcast, or want to do what you can to improve your recordings before delivering to myself for editing. I will give you guidance as to what you can do, as easily and cost effectively as possible, to get a clean recording.

While I have the abilities and tools to improve a recording a lot, the better the initial recording, the better the podcast that goes out to the listener.

Making Your Podcast Stand Out

As of April 2020 there are a million podcasts out there, including many big media names who have come into the space and made an impact. It’s not enough any more to just release your podcast and hope your personality and wit will carry you. While big media names bring new audiences, those audiences will want to experience quality podcasts and independent podcasters struggle to compete at a budget.

I will make sure your podcast sounds clean and professional, so you stand out of the indie crowd, and fit in with the big contenders.

Rates and Prices

Contact me at studio@sleepytimetales.net for a detailed quote based on your needs. But thanks to the fact I live in a country with a low cost of living, I can comfortably provide a professional service at extremely reasonable rates.

Cost per episode begins at $15 (US) for the first 15 minutes of raw audio and varies on your needs.

I’m also available on Fiverr.