065 – The Orchid – A Bedtime Story

Episode 65 cover - a hunting party in a sleep podcast? How strange.

You won’t catch this young woman napping

The story of a fox hunt is a strange one to help you sleep, but aside from an uncertain proposal there’s not much to excite you here. A wilful young woman agrees to marry a wealthy, if staid, young man from the hunting club. But you’ll be counting sheep before the big announcement. And if you’re not, that’s perfectly fine. 😊

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064 – The Winding Stair – A Sleep Podcast

Episode 64 Sleep podcast cameras in the Sahara

Sleep comes with a mysterious young man

This sleep podcast is just the solution for your insomnia as I tell you the tale of a well regarded lawyer meeting a young man looking into his father’s mysterious past. The lawyer tries to hide his knowledge of the truth, but will you will be asleep before you learn what the mystery is.

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062 – The Story of Captain: The Horse with the Human Brain

Episode 62 Cover art. A pretty horse.

A true bedtime story about a surprisingly intelligent horse.

Tonight’s podcast is a bedtime story about a real horse who had a surprising turn of intelligence. Captain was a Carnival horse who did the circuit in the early 20th century. People were amazed at his feats and cleverness, but you won’t be so amazed because you’ll be fast asleep.

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A Guide to Finding the Best Mattress

What size mattress works for you?

The growth of online ‘mattress in a box companies’

Sleepy Time Tales is a podcast dedicated to helping listeners to sleep in stressful times, but a podcast won’t help if you’re sleeping on a mattress that’s past its best, or is substandard. So I like to share resources that are of use to listeners and insomniacs.

The good folks over at ConsumersAdvocate.org have put in the work to find the best matresses available online from the larger ‘bed in a box’ companies in 2020. If you listen to podcasts regularly, you will be familiar with the name Casper, but there are a lot more.

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