Sleepy Time Tales

Stories for Snoozing. Join me as I tell you a bedtime story to help you get a restful night's sleep.



How to listen

So you’re struggling to sleep and you’re interested in Sleepy Time Tales to help you get a restful night? Combat insomnia and get a solid slumber by giving it a listen on one of many free services. Sleepy Time Tales […]


To the Stars

It was the year 2360 when the human race left for the stars for the first time. A fleet of constant acceleration ships, built out of asteroids heading towards Proxima Centauri. This is the story of the beginning of that […]

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Can You Make Up For Lost Sleep? And How Much Is Losing Sleep Hurting You In The First Place? Misconceptions ” one of those misconceptions that we can dispose of today is the idea that you can make up for sleep you’ve lost during the week by sleeping in on the weekend. University of Colorado researchers have found that […]

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