063 – The Cossacks: A Tale of 1852

Episode 63 Cover Cossack Warrior Painting - Time to fall asleep

Fall asleep with our protagonist on a long journey

Tonight’s podcast will help you sleep this bedtime as I tell you the story of a young Russian man travelling across Russia to get away from his debts. He gets lost in his thoughts and dreams, but his own slumber will help you drift away and fall asleep.

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058 – Deephaven – A Sleepy Bedtime Reading

Times are stressful right now. I’m keeping pandemic references out of the show, but it’s causing a lot of restless nights. But I’ll help you get a good night’s sleep with my droning voice.

This week I’m telling the story of a couple of young women off for a new adventure. Although the excitement hasn’t happened yet. They do spend some time with the local lighthouse keeper’s wife.

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045 – The Swampers

Of sleep, psychics and scoundrels

Psychic or charlatan, this story will help you sleep
The paraphernalia of the fortune teller? Are some for real? Maybe, but many are charlatans.

Sleep comes when the mind is unstressed, so let’s wash away the tension with a bedtime story, told in a way that won’t keep you too focused.

Believe what you will about psychics and faith healers, many are not what they seem. But will you find sleep comes for you during the story of what happens to Professor Mortikali as he does some palm and tarot readings. Before getting a visit from a mysterious stranger who turns out to be all too familiar

From ‘The Swampers’ by Hume Nisbet

A note about the stories

As I work in the hospitality industry the next few weeks are going to be very busy for me. I won’t be able to do much researching and writing, but I won’t leave you restless. I will have a selection of cold readings for your insomnia cures every week, right on schedule.

Story 12:25

Find ‘The Swampers’ on Project Gutenberg Australia



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