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091 – Deephaven means a Chance for a Deep Sleep

Sleepy time stories of young socialite women exploring a country home and environment are a guarantee for a good night’s rest. We return to the country manor of Deephaven and learn about some more...


088 – Woman’s Work in Music is a Guide to a Restful Night

The place of women in music in societies through history is pretty interesting, but won’t be fascinating enough to keep sleep away. Detailed Show Notes: https://sleepytimetales.net/?p=1475 Learn about women’s places in music through ancient...

Sleepy Time Tales 072 Cover - Horse Jumping over a gate 0

072 – Sleeping “Under Two Flags” Part 02

A popular young guardsman is preparing for an important race, but this podcast is not exciting enough to stop you sleeping Show notes: https://sleepytimetales.net/?p=1278 A look behind the curtains at the lives of young...