We Put 5 Sleepy Teas To The Test – Huffington Post UK

Personally I’m a fan of rooibos tea at bedtime, but there are a lot of sleepy teas out there to help restless sleepers get a good night. The linked article tries out several. Even if the specific ones mentioned are not available, it may inspire you to explore the options available to you. And of course, once you’ve settled down with a nice herbal tea, put Sleepy Time Tales on in your ears. 🙂


” Getting enough sleep can be tricky. Shelves of gadgets and gizmos promise to deliver the holy eight hours, but herbal tea is one of the original sleep aides. With calming ingredients such as camomile, lemon and lavender, these brews promise to leave you relaxed and ready for lights out. A simple cure to your bedtime woes or too good to be true? “

Honestly I’ve never really been a fan of chamomile and other traditional sleepy teas. But one thing us insomniacs understand is that not everything works for everyone.