087 – Get a Snooze as we Continue to Explore the Secret Garden

Mistress Mary quite contrary starts to explore her new home, finding some joy as well as tragedy.

Tonight fall asleep as Mary learns her way around her new home in England and how different her life will be. She finds the joy of a robin, but also the sadness of tragedy and why the lord of the house locked up his late wife’s favourite garden.

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086 – A return to the Russian Steppes with the Cossacks

We return to Tolstoy’s early work and learn about the culture of the Cossacks, which is pretty snooze inducing to be fair..

Detailed show notes: https://sleepytimetales.net/?p=1450

As the young nobleman of the previous episode on this topic continues travels we learn some interesting titbits of the origins of the Cossacks in Russian culture, and what they inherited from the Tartar neighbours. Along with the place and power of women in their society.

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085 – A Journey to Pellucidar is a Journey to Rest

Sleep will come as the protagonists travel to Morocco and another travels through the world inside the Earth.

Pellucidar is part of a series of books by Tarzan author Edgar Rice Burroughs. It’s a proto-scifi series about travelling in the hollow Earth, and it’s really not as interesting as it sounds the way I tell it.

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084 – A Study in Scarlet as a Solution to Sleeplessness

The famous Doctor Watson meets a prospective housemate who happens to be Sherlock Holmes, and that’s a perfect story to help you sleep.

Not many know the story of the adventures of John Watson before meeting Sherlock Holmes, but he had a full and adventurous life before meeting a strange man who needs someone to help him pay the rent. But the story is over before the main adventure starts and |I’m sure sleep will have come before then.

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083 – In the Days of the Comet and Sleepy Nights

A new mysterious comet is in the sky, but our protagonist is more interested in his broken heart

Full show notes: https://sleepytimetales.net/?p=1414

A strange preface leads to a story of young heartbreak in the times before the comet came. A new light is in the sky, but the protagonist is obsessed with his heartbreak. The story isn’t even close to becoming interesting before it ends, but it’s just as well because you are trying to sleep after all.

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