Newsletter 16 September

Sleep Phones offer ending soon (affiliate link)

If you’ve been listening to the podcast you will know that Sleepy Time Tales is partnering with Sleep Phones, the manufacturer of the perfect piece of equipment to listen to Sleepy Time Tales with. 🙂
And they are offering 10% off purchases of $99.95 or more until 30 September 2022. That’s the price of a wireless pair, or a few wired ones for the family.
So go to and enter the code SLEEPYTIME at checkout to get your discount and to support Sleepy Time Tales at no additional cost to you.

Hey, I’m famous! 😀

Not really of course, but I was interviewed recently for Subkit’s Go Solo magazine for entrepreneurs and I got to speak about beginning my journey to self employment and what I feel are important values. Take a look, it’s a quick read.

The Podcast This Week

This week’s episode in case you’ve missed it.

Sleep News and Advice

Tips for calming a racing mind in the middle of the night | PhillyVoice
This is something I struggle with, and I know a lot of listeners do as well.

The Two Numbers That Can Help Make Sure You And Your Baby Get A Good Night’s Sleep (
Many parents struggle with young babies sleeping. This is one of the many most challenging aspects of parenthood. And not all of the advice works. A study suggests a simple method worth trying.

Lack of sleep may make you less likely to help others, study says – CBS New York (
I know I get cranky and unhelpful when I’m struggling with sleep. Seems that’s a common issue.

Survey finds stress is causing many Americans to lose sleep (
And this is very unsurprising, but at least you know it’s not just you.