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So you’re struggling to sleep and you’re interested in Sleepy Time Tales to help you get a restful night? Combat insomnia and get a solid slumber by giving it a listen on one of many free services.

Sleepy Time Tales is available to listen to for free on all podcatchers and podcast services, as well as Spotify.

*Apple Podcasts * RSS * Spotify * Stitcher * YouTube* RadioPublic

Image by Luisella Planeta Leoni from Pixabay

2 thoughts on “How to listen”

  1. Like you I stream sleep podcasts overnight. I usually use Spotify to listen but I’ve switch to using RadioPublic in the hope that you can get some income out of it. I can’t afford donate but your podcast and Nothing Much Happens both help me a lot with my insomnia.

    Loved the new catnap too!

    PS your Buddy meets a Pixie ep cuts out halfway through on both Spotify an RadioPublic (I haven’t choked anywhere else)

    1. Hi Joe, thanks for getting in touch.
      I know it’s tough for people to support everyone they would like to directly, I know I can’t, so that’s why services like RadioPublic are so valuable. Thanks for trying out the switch, I hope it work for you and I hope the advertising isn’t too obtrusive. I wouldn’t want it to wreck your sleep, that’s the most important part. 🙂

      Glad you liked the new Cat-Nap, I quite like the idea as a little bonus, excited to see how it does with the listeners.

      And thanks for letting me know about the episode problem. It seems like something went wrong with the upload and I’ve replaced it. I suppose it’s a testament to the effectiveness of the show that it took 10 days for someone to stay awake long enough to point it out. 😀

      Stay Rested

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