Twin Peaks – Rest in Pain

*After I’d finished recording the audio for this episode news came out about the passing of Peggy Lipton, the actress who played Norma, the diner owner.


Even if one has never seen Twin Peaks you will recognise her from one of her many roles in television over the decades.*


So who killed Laura Palmer, as revealed in Dale Cooper’s dream? Oh, he forgot. Oops.


But Laura makes it to her funeral on time, despite the FBI forensic expert’s attempts.


Story: 16:40


Obviously there will be spoilers for the show, and while Twin Peaks does have some disturbing content, the intention of Sleepy Time Tales is to help you sleep, so I’ll avoid those bits as much as possible.

Amazon has some very interesting media for Twin Peaks, besides the show itself, including the apparently rather excellent book The Secret History of Twin Peaks by Mark Frost, the show’s co-creator, so take a look.





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