034 – The New Family – Southcliffe Manor 01

The service staff at Southcliffe Manor can’t get to sleep as they are stressed and uncertain of the effect the new family will have on their bedtime. But it won’t keep you awake.

Story 16:39

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3 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    Gotta say, this one is a success. I don’t know if I like the story, because after three tries I’ve fallen asleep a few minutes in each time! Normally the second or at most third night I stay awake til the end of the story although I rarely make it through two episodes still conscious, but this one is knocking me out every time. Beginning to think my only chance of hearing the end is if it comes up in my stream just as I wake up. Since I leave you streaming on radio public all night the odds are that will happen eventually.

    Oh, and thanks for recommending the radio public app. I love that I don’t have to queue up episodes, just hit listen and it will keep playing random episodes til the connection glitches or I tell it to stop. When I have to add things manually to a queue like in Spotify I find myself using the decision process there to procrastinate on actually going to bed.

    • Dave Couto says:

      Hah, thanks Joe
      In retrospect ‘Downton Abbey but more boring’ seems like a no-brainer. 🙂 Glad it’s working out.

      I’m also happy the RadioPublic app is working for you, I’ll probably recommend it more to listeners too. The advertising isn’t too obtrusive?


      • Joe says:

        I suspect the advertising is regional so I can only speak for what it’s like in the UK. It’s one very short advert right before each episode and I only seem to get adverts for Radio Public itself (which is why I think the advertising is regional). The volume balance is a little off so they’re slightly louder than the show which might be an issue if you use headphones but it’s not as different as the volume is on some apps and I’ve never had one wake me up.

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