029 – Catnap Compilation 01

Let my voice send you to sleep as I share a compilation of Cat Nap bonus minisodes, usually available only on Patreon and RadioPublic. If you’re not listening there here’s what you’re missing.

To hear the episodes weekly sign up on the Patreon or listen on RadioPublic.


A Cosmopolite in a Café by O Henry

In the Court of the Dragon by Robert William Chambers

The Gift of the Magi by O Henry

Story: 15:37

Season 2 coming!

The next 4 weeks will be a bit unusual. I’ve learned some important lessons in the last 28 episodes so I’m going to spend some time applying those to a new set of episodes starting in October.

I won’t leave you hanging in the meantime though as I have some special things planned. They will just be a bit of a change of style.

Details about the soft relaunch.

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