105 – Lady Audley’s Secret

The lord of the manor has a new wife, but all is not as it seems in this sleep time story

A young woman sees her life change, but she seems haunted by something as someone from her past is coming home to see her. What is the mystery that surrounds the new Lady Audley, and will it turn her life upside down? Will you be awake or will you be fast asleep before you find out?

Story (6:56)

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105 – ‘Lena Rivers Part 02

We return to the sad story of an orphan girl as she meets her extended family. But she’s a ferocious one, she will be fine.

Lena and her Granny are packing up their lives to move to her Uncle’s home in the South and his forbidding wife. But first they need to get through the train ride unscathed.

Story (8:53)

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104 – Doodles The Sunshine Boy by Emma C Dowd Part 02

Doodles sends his sick bird to a friendly vet, and the young woman who lives across the hallway finds her family. The story takes a sad turn, but stays sweet.

We return to the story of Doodles with his positive attitude, despite the difficulties of his life. Some of those difficulties start to build up however, despite some joy in  the building around him.

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