074 – The Man Who Knew Too Much – A Bedtime Story

The man who knew too much - A Bedtime story

A classic mystery bedtime story is your cure for insomnia this week

Full show notes: https://sleepytimetales.net/?p=1315

Sleep can be a struggle for many in these trying times. So, try out this story told boringly to help you catch some Z’s.

Tonight, we have a full reading of a G.K Chesterton classic ‘The Man Who Knew Too Much’ for your enjoyment and to help treat your sleepless nights. Also famous as a Hitchcock movie, this is a mystery at a country manor that has a touch of  strange motivations and hidden identities.

But as interesting as the bedtime story is you should be asleep before the excitement gets too much…

Who am I kidding? The way I tell the story this will never get exciting.

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065 – The Orchid – A Bedtime Story

Episode 65 cover - a hunting party in a sleep podcast? How strange.

You won’t catch this young woman napping

The story of a fox hunt is a strange one to help you sleep, but aside from an uncertain proposal there’s not much to excite you here. A wilful young woman agrees to marry a wealthy, if staid, young man from the hunting club. But you’ll be counting sheep before the big announcement. And if you’re not, that’s perfectly fine. 😊

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064 – The Winding Stair – A Sleep Podcast

Episode 64 Sleep podcast cameras in the Sahara

Sleep comes with a mysterious young man

This sleep podcast is just the solution for your insomnia as I tell you the tale of a well regarded lawyer meeting a young man looking into his father’s mysterious past. The lawyer tries to hide his knowledge of the truth, but will you will be asleep before you learn what the mystery is.

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