The Challenges of Writing a Bedtime Story

I had a feeling the challenges of writing a bedtime story would be significant when I decided to do this podcast. I’m a very lapsed writer, I used to do it a lot when I was younger, but life happens, and career and family and things like sitting down for a few hours become an unbelievable luxury.

So producing a story to quite specific requirements has proved a challenge. I need to fill about 45 – 50 minutes, it needs to be an interesting enough premise to get people to listen, but not so fascinating that people actually stay awake to hear the end. Also, one hopes it isn’t too annoying for some people to listen to. 🙂

45 minutes at a fairly slow reading speed is about 5500 words, which as it turns out is a LOT! Part of the premise of this show is also to improvise some diversions, so falling a bit short is fine, but I need to try get close.

Writing a bedtime story every week is going to be tough, I’m honestly not sure I will be able to do it, early on at least. I’ll probably need to alternate with some other content. Deciding on that will be the next challenge.

So why make a sleep aid podcast?

Why this podcast

It’s been an interesting few weeks since I hit on the idea to make a sleep aid podcast. While there are already excellent sleep aid podcasts I believe that I can bring out an alternative that will help people. Options are always a good thing to have.

While I’ve idly considered making a podcast before, it’s 2019 after all, who hasn’t? I haven’t had any ideas that stand out before. My interests are video games, movies and TV, all of these have literally thousands of options, so trying to get heard will be like shouting in the crowd at a huge sporting event and rock concert.

So I started formulating the idea of this site, and registering on every social network I could think of, while learning the basics of podcasting with what equipment I have available. More about the actual recording process in a future post.

While I want to do this for fun, I would like it to be able to at the very least support itself, so I am looking at unobtrusive monetisation options.

Podcast Hosting Choices

The need to monetise meant that unfortunately my first choice of podcast host, Podbean, fell by the wayside as they only support Stripe payments, which isn’t available in South Africa. For this reason I’ve settled on Libsyn as the terms they provide work well with my requirements, and they support PayPal.

What Libsyn offers that a lot of other hosts don’t is the unlimited archive. For listeners it will be helpful to have an archive to listen to every night, potentially all night. Personally I listen to a sleep aid podcast on ear-buds in my sleep, so if I wake up in the middle of the night they are still running.

So this is my motivation, why am I doing a podcast? And why should you listen? Because I want to help people sleep, and if you need the help, try out Sleepy Time Tales. Give it a few episodes and see if it works for you.

Good Evening, Friends!

Welcome to the home of Sleepy Time Tales. A podcast and site dedicated to the lost art of a good night’s rest.

It’s early days yet as we are laying the foundation of something great, so watch this space as we begin the process of creating something great, and restful.