A Guide to Finding the Best Mattress

What size mattress works for you?

The growth of online ‘mattress in a box companies’

Sleepy Time Tales is a podcast dedicated to helping listeners to sleep in stressful times, but a podcast won’t help if you’re sleeping on a mattress that’s past its best, or is substandard. So I like to share resources that are of use to listeners and insomniacs.

The good folks over at ConsumersAdvocate.org have put in the work to find the best matresses available online from the larger ‘bed in a box’ companies in 2020. If you listen to podcasts regularly, you will be familiar with the name Casper, but there are a lot more.

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Sponsor Announcement – BetterHelp


This is an important one for me. While my only mental health problem, as far as I know, is a bit of an anxiety issue, I have a lot of friends who suffer and often treatment is hard to get locally and expensive. In comes BetterHelp.

BetterHelp is not a crisis line and it is not self-help. What it is, is access at any time to qualified mental health professionals of all types. Your assigned counsellor is only a message away and you can schedule chats, phone calls and video calls. It’s available worldwide and counsellors are available worldwide.

So if you feel like you need someone to talk to. If you’re one of the 1 in 4 people who needs help, and one of the 56% of those who go without treatment for whatever reason, go to https://trybetterhelp.com/sleepytime for 10% off your first month.

Holiday season episodes

Sleeping bay in a christmas hat.
Even holidays can cause sleepless nights.

Hi friends,

Jut a quick note to everyone regarding my holiday season episodes and some other changes.

First up, as I mentioned on a couple of episodes I work in the hospitality industry in a tourist town in South Africa. So this time of the year is very busy for me. I work long hours and I’m usually exhausted afterwards.

Not to fret though, I should be able to maintain my release schedule. However to make sure I’ve got something fresh for you to fall asleep to every week I need to take a bit of a shortcut.

For this reason I’m going to dial back on the original stories. Those take a lot of prep work. I will instead to some reading of various books, so for a few weeks the tone and content of the show will be a bit different.

Stories of Mutewallow and the residents of Southcliffe will be back in the new year, but for now I will be sharing the words and stories of others.

I’m curious how you listeners like the format though, so let me know on social media or pop me a mail at contact@sleepytimetales.net

Stay rested


Relaunch of the podcast

Hi all. So it’s been an interesting few months since the first episode back in March. I’ve been happy to hear from a number of listeners that the show has helped people get a good night’s sleep and the download numbers are very solid. So there are even more just quietly benefiting from what I’m doing.

It’s a good feeling to think that I’m helping people out there, I have to say.

But I definitely made few mistakes with the show early on. The Twin Peaks stuff was probably a mistake. A bit too dark for what I was trying to do. Especially being every second episode.

And my other big mistake was trying to do two episodes a week initially.

By putting myself under that kind of pressure early I put myself into a position that was difficult to recover from. And while overall I think I’ve done a decent job with the show I’ve sometimes been a bit short of time and it’s compromised the quality.

So I’m doing a soft relaunch of the show. I’m spending the next few weeks preparing stories and scripts and getting ahead of my recording schedule so that I have more time to polish. So that I can do a better job for you, the listener.

Never fear though. There will still be the usual episodes every week, including the Cat Naps, but I am doing some episode formats that don’t need too much preparation.

I will still be there to drone you to sleep every week. 🙂 So keep an eye out for Season 2, coming 7th October. There won’t be huge changes, but the stories should be a bit more consistent in their tone and better prepared.

Stay rested, see you then.