Relaunch of the podcast

Hi all. So it’s been an interesting few months since the first episode back in March. I’ve been happy to hear from a number of listeners that the show has helped people get a good night’s sleep and the download numbers are very solid. So there are even more just quietly benefiting from what I’m doing.

It’s a good feeling to think that I’m helping people out there, I have to say.

But I definitely made few mistakes with the show early on. The Twin Peaks stuff was probably a mistake. A bit too dark for what I was trying to do. Especially being every second episode.

And my other big mistake was trying to do two episodes a week initially.

By putting myself under that kind of pressure early I put myself into a position that was difficult to recover from. And while overall I think I’ve done a decent job with the show I’ve sometimes been a bit short of time and it’s compromised the quality.

So I’m doing a soft relaunch of the show. I’m spending the next few weeks preparing stories and scripts and getting ahead of my recording schedule so that I have more time to polish. So that I can do a better job for you, the listener.

Never fear though. There will still be the usual episodes every week, including the Cat Naps, but I am doing some episode formats that don’t need too much preparation.

I will still be there to drone you to sleep every week. 🙂 So keep an eye out for Season 2, coming 7th October. There won’t be huge changes, but the stories should be a bit more consistent in their tone and better prepared.

Stay rested, see you then.


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