Patreon – Changes to rewards and tiers coming

Just a quick note to say that some changes are coming as of 1 July.

The $10 tier is going to be dropped for a start and all content available there will be made available to $5 patrons. The story only episodes will continue to be made and will be available at the $5 tier going forward.

I won’t be making monthly movie review episodes because I simply don’t have the time between work and family and working on the main show.

I do have something I think is pretty cool coming though. In the next couple of weeks I will begin producing what I’m calling ‘cat-naps’ weekly mini stories that will be released mid week, each about 15 minutes long. I’m going to try some interesting experiments here so they should be fun.

Cat-naps will be available for patrons of all tiers $1 included, as well as free exclusively on Radio Public.

So hopefully this makes supporting my work more worthwhile to more people.

Sleep well

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