Holiday season episodes

Sleeping bay in a christmas hat.
Even holidays can cause sleepless nights.

Hi friends,

Jut a quick note to everyone regarding my holiday season episodes and some other changes.

First up, as I mentioned on a couple of episodes I work in the hospitality industry in a tourist town in South Africa. So this time of the year is very busy for me. I work long hours and I’m usually exhausted afterwards.

Not to fret though, I should be able to maintain my release schedule. However to make sure I’ve got something fresh for you to fall asleep to every week I need to take a bit of a shortcut.

For this reason I’m going to dial back on the original stories. Those take a lot of prep work. I will instead to some reading of various books, so for a few weeks the tone and content of the show will be a bit different.

Stories of Mutewallow and the residents of Southcliffe will be back in the new year, but for now I will be sharing the words and stories of others.

I’m curious how you listeners like the format though, so let me know on social media or pop me a mail at

Stay rested


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