A Guide to Finding the Best Mattress

The growth of online ‘mattress in a box companies’

Sleepy Time Tales is a podcast dedicated to helping listeners to sleep in stressful times, but a podcast won’t help if you’re sleeping on a mattress that’s past its best, or is substandard. So I like to share resources that are of use to listeners and insomniacs.

The good folks over at ConsumersAdvocate.org have put in the work to find the best matresses available online from the larger ‘bed in a box’ companies in 2020. If you listen to podcasts regularly, you will be familiar with the name Casper, but there are a lot more.

This variety can be confusing to the consumer. In their own words:

“Such a broad variety of options can be overwhelming for those of us looking for a new bed. In this article, we showcase the companies that stand out in this already saturated arena, examine the whole array of customer reviews, and ask ourselves how we can better sort through the best mattress companies so you can get a better night’s sleep. We reviewed 43 out of 175 online mattress companies, looking for the innovators in memory foam, hybrid, and innerspring beds.”


ConsumerAdvocates will help you find the best mattress for your needs

ConsumerAdvocates researchers spent hundreds of hours researching and checking reviews and technical specifications from the major mattress companies.

They rated mattresses according criteria from quality, to comfort, to value and even environmental impact and came up with an array of options for every budget and consideration. There’s even a guide to what bed sizes actually mean and which is more suitable for your needs. So if you’ve ever wondered the difference between a Queen, King and California King and which suits you, they’ve got you covered.

What size mattress works for you?
What size bed do you need? https://www.consumersadvocate.org/mattress#toc-product-specs

Asking the experts

They even spoke to several experts regarding the importance of both a good night’s sleep and the contribution an appropriate mattress can make.

“We talked to Dr. Patricia Zayas, a chiropractor at the Living Well Chiropractic Center in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, and she gave us some words of wisdom when it came to the correlation between a good mattress, good sleep, and overall health. “Sleep is everything. That’s how you recharge your energies, the only way your nervous system can process your day. If you’re not comfortable during the night, you’re gonna twist and turn and you’re probably not gonna get the REM cycle sleep that you need for your nervous system to recover. Also, it’s very important that your muscles relax during sleep and not be subject to the gravity that you feel throughout the day. In short, eight hours of comfortable sleep is essential for your body to recharge for another day.” “


In conclusion

So let me not waste any more of your time. If you’re in the market for a mattress, go check out the article over at ConsumerAdvocates.org and take a look at the options. From Nectar mattresses’ quality at a good price to luxury beds like Saatva there’s something for almost any sleepyhead.

And if you find it useful, let them know you heard about it here at Sleepy Time Tales. And check out some of the other advice and resources available here to help you get some sleep.

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