079 – Cat Nap Compilation Vol 02

This week we have a selection of short sleepy stories to help you get your night’s rest

Detailed episode notes: https://sleepytimetales.net/?p=1371

An exciting series of short stories send you to sleep on this week’s podcast. For your bedtime enjoyment we present a trio of tales of a mythological flavour. From a young boy in the Andes saving the lives of some ‘intrepid’ and careless explorers. To how the Elephant got his trunk, thanks to his insatiable curiosity, and ending with a fable of the creation of Day and Night.

A Boy of the Andes

By Charles F Lummis  From The Enchanted Burro    https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/58954

The Elephant’s Child

By Rudyard Kipling from Just So Stories                    https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/2781

A Legend of the Dawn

By Lord Dunsany from Time and the Gods                https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/8183

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078 – The Opal of Carmalovitch

A story about a mysterious man and the magnificent gem he’s trying to sell is what you will be falling asleep to tonight..

*CW* This story is a sad one and ends in suicide.

A well-known London jeweller has a mysterious guest trying to sell a magnificent gem, but any reputable dealer needs provenance and the Russian man will just not tell his history or that of the gem. It ends sadly, but I’m sure you won’t be awake enough because this one will definitely help you sleep.

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077 – Out of the Fog and in a Nap

A sleepy story time story ends well despite some drama at sea. It may seem tense but it won’t keep you awake.

Tonight we tell a tale of the adventures of a 19th century fisherman whose expedition goes wrong. Lost at sea without water or feed, things seem tense, but rest your pretty head because the story ends well and you’ll have nothing to interrupt your dreams.

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076 – Let’s get to sleep with The Hillman Part 02

Episode 76 cover English Countryside

We return to the bedtime story of a mysterious young woman and an equally mysterious country gentleman

Detailed Episode notes here: https://sleepytimetales.net/?p=1345

Sleep can be a struggle for many in these trying times. So, try out this story told boringly to help you catch some Z’s.

Remember back when a young woman had her car break down in the country? No, you were probably asleep when it happened. But we return to the story the next morning as she and her mysterious hosts learn more about each other.

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