092 – Hunted Down and Hunting for a Night’s Rest

Tonight’s Story is a Detective story from Charles Dickens. Quite exciting compared to his usual stuff, but it won’t keep you awake.

Sometimes our first impressions of someone are the one’s we must trust. Our protagonist is an insurance agent with sharp instincts that pay off with a mysteriojus new visitor. But will the mystery be solved by the time you’re asleep? Probably not.

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091 – Deephaven means a Chance for a Deep Sleep

Sleepy time stories of young socialite women exploring a country home and environment are a guarantee for a good night’s rest.

We return to the country manor of Deephaven and learn about some more of the locals. A chatty older lady may be interesting for our protagonists, but you won’t really follow because you’ll be catching Z’s.

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090 – Barclay of the Guides is a Guide to a Sleepy Snooze

Sleep time comes with the story of an Indian Village being raided by its neighbours. It’s action backed but I’ll still have you asleep.

Full Show Notes: https://sleepytimetales.net/?p=1496

The raid on the village continues and the brave protagonists hold off, waiting for help to arrive. Will it come in time? Will you be awake when this question is answered?

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