6 tips to help you fall asleep

While obviously I want to help you fall asleep by listening to my podcast and judging from feedback I am helping a lot of people, there are other steps that can be taken to help you get a restful night.

Most are very sensible and are thing’s you’re heard about already. But it’s always worth reminding people of good habits and practices that help sleep.

Source: mirror.co.uk

Routine helps

I even mention this in the podcast, and is the reason for the long intro.

Cut out the caffeine

A difficult one. Try a cup of rooibos or other late night teas instead.

Make time for sleep

“Prof Espie says many of us fall into a pattern of “boom and bust” – squeezing sleep in around other commitments during the working week, then catching up on days off.

However, evidence suggests that having a stable, consistent sleep schedule is generally effective at producing satisfying, efficient sleep.”

Ban tech in the bedroom

In the intro I often make a little swipe at the technology we use to shine light in our eyes. Of course, you need something to listen to the podcast with, but if it’s part of the process to help you fall asleep I like to think an exception is okay. 😀


I don’t like to shame people who use medication, I had a major anxiety experience just over a year ago and I needed Xanax to get me on an even keel, and help me sleep. But one should be cautious with medications in the long term, IMO.