The Return of the Sleepy Time Tales newsletter

Bet your forgot about this subscription 😀

The Sleepy Time Tales Newsletter is back!

Why So Long?

Looking at the history of sending newsletters from this account the last one I sent was the 1 year celebration of Sleepy Time Tales, in March of 2020.
The fact is that fitting Sleepy Time Tales in between work and family life has been challenging at times.
I’ve never missed an episode, even when being sick or too busy has meant I needed to repurpose some Patreon content, or recorded over several days because I don’t want to injure an infected throat.
And the show itself has always been a priority, because I feel obligated to the listeners I have, but not really had the bandwidth to do ‘marketing’ or anything outside of making sure I hit ‘publish’ on the episode.

And What’s Changed?

For those who don’t follow my twitter @sleepytimetales I decided to leave my job in July. I’ve been in the hospitality industry since leaving school, and as my daughter grows up spending every weekend and holiday away from her and my wife has become more difficult.
So, I cashed in my pension with the plan of working more on Sleepy Time Tales, and using the experience I’ve gained editing the show to start seriously taking client work as a podcast editor. I’ve started up Bright Vox Audio as a separate entity to take on some client work. So if you or someone you know is looking for an editor or is interested in podcasting and needs some help, pop me a mail at or check out the site, There is an introductory offer available at the moment.

And The Future?

Now I have the time now to work to grow Sleepy Time Tales and the editing business, so my original vision of becoming a directory of sorts for interesting and helpful health news and resources is now practical.
So, keep an eye on your inbox for a weekly update on sleep and health related stories from various news sources, and the occasional offer from partners I believe will be beneficial to Sleepy Time Tales listeners.
And supporting those partners, will support Sleepy Time Tales, and me.

Thanks for indulging me this far. I promise that in future the preamble will be quicker.

Stay Rested

Sleep Phones offer ending soon (affiliate link)

If you’ve been listening to the podcast you will know that Sleepy Time Tales is partnering with Sleep Phones, the manufacturer of the perfect piece of equipment to listen to Sleepy Time Tales with. 🙂
And they are offering 10% off purchases of $99.95 or more until 30 September 2022. That’s the price of a wireless pair, or a few wired ones for the family.
So go to and enter the code SLEEPYTIME at checkout to get your discount and to support Sleepy Time Tales at no additional cost to you.

Sleep Advice

How to Sleep Better: 7 Expert Tips to Try This Week
From Yahoo News. This is a 7 step, 7 day guide on creating habits that help you develop sleep hygiene. Like most of this advice, not anything that ground breaking, but the advice to develop good habits is usually wort repeating. 🙂

3 ‘Rules’ About Eating for Better Sleep That You Can Definitely Ignore
From Well+Good. There are a lot of bits of advice about sleeping before bed that are ‘common sense’ but how much of this advice is based on reality?

What you should know about sleep aids
From Philly Voice. I’ve always been nervous of taking chemical sleep aids, as are many people. But that nervousness can get in the way of a better life, so with proper advice it’s worth considering.

Study Reveals That Seven Hours Of Sleep Is Optimal In Middle And Old Age
From News18. So how much should you sleep? Do you need the 8 or 9 hours, especially as you get older? Maybe not.

This week’s Episode

Go To Sleep With Me Telling You about the Fascinating History of Greece

I’m sure you’re subscribed to the podcast already. But if you haven’t heard this week’s soporific stroy yet, find it here.